EMBC01 – „3er Pack“

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Bluetooth Low-Energy Proximity Beacon, Sample-Set (3 Stück enthalten)

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EMBC01 Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacon (3er Sample Pack)

Der EMBC01 von EM Microelectronic ist ein Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacon für Massenanwendungen. Der EMBC01 zeigt ID-Daten, die mit den allgemeinen Beacon-Standards kompatibel sind (UUID, Major ID, and MinorID).

Key Features:

  • IP-64 rating, -20C to +60C operating range
  • Size: 30mm x 10mm disk; Weight: 7 grams
  • Replaceable CR2032 3V Li battery
  • Integrated push-button with LED indicators
  • Accessories: Wall-mount, key-fob, wrist-band
  • Selectable ID Mode beaconing
    • ID packet format includes: UUID, Major ID, and Minor ID, output power information
    • Short Range: 15m LOS, 100ms beacon interval
    • Medium Range: 30m LOS, 500ms beacon interval
    • Long Range: 75m LOS, 1 second beacon interval
  • Unique Identification
  • “EMBC Finder” Smart Device Apps


  • Customer Experience Enhancement (Stores, Malls, Airports, Museums, Sport Arenas, Exhibits)
  • Proximity, Electronic Leash Applications
  • Push Notifications, Alerts
  • Passive data collection
  • Battery sensor

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